Why Data Quality matters, how to transform poor data quality to good data quality and most importantly: keep it there.

Packing up your things for the day before heading home, you see a project manager out of the corner of your eye quickly rushing to your desk.

“Can we sit down? This report is wrong, can you fix it please? It’s urgent.”

“Wrong” is typically caused by 2 issues:

1. The calculation you made is wrong in the report. Whoops. Mistakes happen.

2. The data pipeline that feeds this report is inaccurate. Not your fault, but you are responsible for the data within the report, even if the data pipeline falls ‘outside’ of your own responsibility.

Your laptop comes back out of the backpack (feeling 10lbs heavier than it did 5 minutes ago) and your…

By Julie Thomson

Imagine the situation.

You are a data visualization specialist responsible for designing business dashboards for stakeholders. You are about to embark on an exciting new project which requires a new suite of dashboards.

The Business Meeting.

The design meeting happens, the white boarding session is complete, and as the developer you are on the way to build the dashboard that is going to be ground breaking for the business. You are unstoppable, excited and ready to hike up the analytic maturity model with your client.

Then you get to your desk.

The Problem.

“The” dashboard that you…

Julie Thomson

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